Small businesses have just as much to offer graduates as international conglomerates

Lindhurst Engineering has forged a strong relationship with the University of Nottingham and its students.

You’re a small company that has just had a great idea for a new business venture. Only one snag: no one in the company knows anything about the technology. What are the chances of finding an expert locally with just the skills you need who is crying out for a chance to apply them?

Pretty remote, you might think? Not if Martin Rigley’s experience is anything to go by. Admittedly Mr Rigley is something of an expert in developing new engineering talent. He was recently awarded an MBE for his efforts, and was named Skills Champion of the Year in the Semta Skills Awards 2016.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Martin Rigley of Lindhurst awarded MBE in New Year honours list

Congratulations go to our CEO, Martin Rigley who has been recognised for his services to Business & Innovation in the New Year’s honours list.

Martin has tirelessly volunteered for many years to increase access & interest of students to STEM careers. Martin, began his career as an apprentice electrical engineer with British Coal before joining Lindhurst in 1994. A chartered engineer, Martin has a keen interest in promoting British engineering excellence & steering the agenda for developing technical skills. “I am passionate about getting young people interested in the exciting opportunities a career in science, engineering & manufacturing presents. I was very fortunate that someone inspired me & gave me the opportunity to work in this sector – so when I have the opportunity inspire the next generation, I seize it.

Martin sits on many boards to support the STEM sectors & the skills agenda. Martin works closely with both universities in Nottingham, the LEP’s, chambers of commerce & is a governor at West Nottinghamshire Vision College.


“I have a strong belief in the untapped potential of the myriad of STEM based SME’s both locally and nationally, whenever I get chance to share our experience as to how we use innovation to drive our business forward I do so. This has resulted in me making numerous presentations at both TRADE body, University & school level as well as being a board member on sector support groups, trade bodies, skills groups, school governor and at LEP level.”

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